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Stiers GmbH
Industriestr. 5
D-85609 Aschheim
Tel. 0049 - 89 - 920999-0
Fax 0049 - 89 - 920999-88


movie screens, video screens, video projectors, 3D-projectors, steplights, illuminated floors, glass floors, UV-foils, -paint, blacklight, glow carpet, UV-polstery, electroluminescent string, -foils, stage podiums, motor curtains, starchains, snakelights, silicon light, moving platforms, turntables, glitter, 3D-wave foils, fiberoptic lighting,, side light, color changers, scanners, neon sticks, wind machines, wind effects, spiderwebs, bubbles-, foam-, snow machines, Pyrotechnic, confetti, smoke, fogmachine, dimmers, controllers, LED video walls, message boards, trussing, tripods, fragrance machines, cinema chairs, equipment, museum equipment, theater equipment,, -accessories, disco, dancehall equipment, furniture, tradeshow-, congress equipment, effect lighting, effect floors, mobile floors, spare lamps, bulbs, strobe lights, laser, novolties, attractions, water pipes, water walls, chase lights, controllers, 3D-video production, stadion seating, -lighting, logo projectors, wave projectors, architectural, lighting, floor lights, sound systems, loudspeakers, bowling equipment, ultimate, shop lighting, lighting